The Right Treatment For Your Auto Glass Damage

Automobile glass is made for your protection, it’s stronger than common window’s. Auto glass will not break easily even during a collision, but that doesn’t they can withstand anything. There will be times when unfortunate things happen that will require auto glass service. When it happens, you should fix it immediately because driving with a broken windshield is not safe.

Types of Auto Glass Damage

According to research conducted in 13 major cities in the USA, there are 3 types of damages that most often happen to auto glass, the highest percentage is stone breaks. As the name implies, it’s usually caused by a small stone or other small and hard object, the crack will shape like a star or a bullseye with the point of impact being in the middle of it. In the second position is edge crack, which is usually located 2 inches from the

auto glass damage

edge. Usually, it’s not caused by a stone, but mostly due to uneven distribution of forces in the windshield glass. Therefore, it also has no point of impact. Finally, there’s a floater crack, which usually results from untreated rock chips. This damage usually forms a crack due to extreme temperature changes.

Auto Glass Service in the City of Richardson, TX

Auto glass damages can be repaired easier if it’s clean. That’s why if there’s no emergency it’s better if you don’t drive your car before the auto glass is fixed. Another reason why should wait and fix the auto glass is to prevent greater damage. A small crack on your windshield will get bigger substantially if you’re driving on an uneven road or when you bump into a hole. Act fast and go to your local auto glass repair shop in Richardson, TX before you’re sorry.

There are a lot of auto glass repair shops that you can find in Richardson. There are even some auto glass shops located outside the area that includes Richardson, TX in their service coverage area. Furthermore, many of these auto glass shops also offer mobile services. Moreover, they will come to you and fix your auto glass wherever you want. So, there is no excuse for you to delay fixing your auto glass. Especially, if you don’t have time to take it to a windshield shop. If your auto glass is insured, a lot of repair shops in Richardson can handle insurance claims.

Repair or Replace?

It’s always a good idea to educate yourself about auto glass before you take your car to an auto glass repair shop. You can find a lot of information online about the proper treatment for auto glass, therefore at least you have an idea whether you need a windshield replacement or a repair job. Generally if the chip or crack is not bigger than a dollar bill and it’s relatively clean, then it can be repaired easily. But if it’s quite large or located within areas that can distract your vision, or located on the edge with no point of impact, usually you will be suggested to get it replaced.

DIY or Professional Auto Glass Repair

There are many reasons why you need windshield glass repair or replacement. A rock was thrown to your windshield while driving? Maybe your neighbor’s kid accidentally hit a baseball and broke your car window? Perhaps you got into an accident that damaged the auto glass. Whatever the reason is, you’ll need to get it fixed immediately because it relates to your safety while driving.Auto Glass Repair

You have multiple options if you want to repair your auto glass, either you go to an auto glass repair shop to get professional help, or you can do it yourself by using the auto glass repair kit.

DIY Auto Glass Repair

Some people prefer to buy a DIY (do it yourself) auto glass repair kit. Therefore, they can do windshield repair themselves rather than hiring a professional in order to save money. When compared to a professional auto glass repair, a DIY repair is obviously cheaper. DIY auto glass repair kit only costs about $20 and it comes complete with instructions.

If you decide to do the auto glass repair yourself, be sure that you know what you’re doing. Search for information regarding the particular repair project that you’re about to do. The internet would be a good place to start for beginners. When you’re shopping at the auto glass store to buy the DIY kit, also inquire if they can give you advice. This may help preparation procedures using the windshield repair kit.

Just remember, auto glass is a vital part of your vehicle that relates to safety, so you better off knowing what you’re doing. The auto glass should be repaired appropriately according to the safety standards. Otherwise, you might just risk an accident and possible injury from the vehicle.

Professional Windshield Glass Repair

Hiring a professional for your windshield repair is a much practical solution. You simply need to take your car to a local windshield glass repair shop and let the professional do the job for you. But obviously, it will cost you more money compared with doing it yourself. The good thing is you know that the job will be perfectly executed and you can expect the result that meets all the safety standards.

Furthermore, if you think about it, the difference between the cost of buying a DIY auto glass repair kit and to hire a professional is not that far apart. Usually, the cost of auto glass repair in an auto glass repair shop is around $60-$70. Of course, it’s 2-3 times more expensive than buying a DIY kit but $20-$30 is not really that expensive. Remember when you buy a DIY kit you also need to do the work yourself, so that’s $10 + work. Professional repairmen are certified individuals that understand the job completely and they can make sure that the auto glass on your vehicle is properly installed and fixed.

What Information Does An Auto Glass Repair Shop Need From You

One of your car’s side windows just sustained a direct hit and now needs to be replaced. You are ready to take it to an auto glass repair shop and get it replaced, but

Auto Glass Repair

what information should you keep on your person as you are heading out? Here are some of the things that any good auto glass technician will require from you before they get to work…

The Vehicle’s Make, Model and Year of Manufacture;

Now, of course, you know this already, but just to be on the safe side. Do a double-check with your vehicle’s manual; better yet take all the documentation’s with you.

Specific Auto Glass Features

This can include everything from the tint of glass to any rain sensors which might be installed on them. Auto glass has special features such as shade bands which are a 5-6 inch tinted area at the top of a windshield. Shade bands are designed to protect your eyes from the sun and the seal from deteriorating because of the sun’s UV rays.

Other features may include rain sensors or radio antennae which may be installed in your vehicle’s windshield glass. The best way to find out the exact nature of your vehicle’s glass is to call up your dealership. They will require your Vehicle Identification Number in order to give you the correct part number.

Insurance Information

Most auto glass repair shops will help you file a claim with your insurance providers. Moreover, will also take care of the paperwork for you. If you have full insurance coverage for your vehicle than any auto glass repair or replacement will be covered by it. Information required here will include the name of your insurance provider, your policy number and the date when the damage occurred.

Windshields & Ice Cracking

How To De-Ice Your Windshield

Winter is the time when most of the traffic accidents tend to occur. While this is mostly due to the condition of the road, few people realize that poor visibility is as big a culprit as any other factor. With this said, you should take every precaution to ensure that your windshields visibility is not hindered when winter comes.

While most vehicles today come with defrosters to help them keep the windows and windshields free from frost and ice, it simply is not enough. Especially if you are restarting your vehicle after a long time. Here are some simple deicing solutions you can use to ensure that your vehicle remains roadworthy in even the worst winter conditions.

Efficiently Winterize Your Auto Glass

Firstly, get an ice scraper, preferably long enough to reach every corner of your car’s windshield and back glass. When you get your car started, keep it on for about 10 – 15 minutes. This will help loosen the ice as the car warms up. You can also turn on the defroster underneath the auto glass. Hence, melting even the coldest ice which forms at the base of the windshield.


Now, get your ice scraper out and put in some effort scrapping the windshield clean of any icy residue which might be left here. This also has the added benefit of warming you and loosening your muscles up for the drive ahead.

You are also encouraged to get a de-icer spray; these are easily available in supermarkets and can help you clean your windows better. Use a de-icer spray along with an ice scraper for best results. If you do not wish to get a de-icer spray or do not have the time for it, you can also make a simple deicer solution in your home by making 3:1 vinegar to water solution or a 2:1 rubbing alcohol to water solution. These can work just fine too.

Windshields Visibility

Remember that the safety of your family is in your hands. Above all, you can never be too careful on the road, regardless of what auto companies might claim. Ensuring good visibility is of paramount importance to make sure you have enough of it.